Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Zipper is In

I finally got the invisible zipper into my skirt and it wasn't too bad. I used a variation of the tutorials I posted previously. I used my standard zipper foot but I think I will purchase an invisible zipper foot in the future to see if it makes a difference. I do have an issue though. When sewing the seam under the zipper, I experienced some serious creep - as in my hem line between the two pieces joined is not matched (off by almost 1/2"). I ripped out the seam and tried it again, but the same thing happened. I think the skirt will be a tad too long as is so it will work out but that was strange.

I am going to attach the facings to the skirt using a method I stumbled across while reading Dawn's blog. She has a link to a tutorial on RTW style zipper facings. I have never completed a facing - yep I've got 2 skirts that are UFO's because I stopped at the facings. I told you guys I am scary when it comes to sewing new things. I guess I get a bonus goal to accomplish since I decided to take on zippers using a skirt pattern. Here's my zipper. Oh yeah I'm up in the mountains so this was done last week but I was packing for this trip.


Faye Lewis said...

Great job. I did an invisible zipper using a regular zipper foot last year and it came out pretty good. I love it in my skirt, looks so RTWish.

Cennetta said...

..., and it looks great.