Sunday, February 21, 2010

Checking in

Whew! Just catching my breath from a whirlwind of activity. Unfortunately not sewing activity. From the last week of January to this week there has been a major activity every week. It is now finally over - yippee. I also realized that while on our annual ski trip, my one bin fabric challenge ended. My production was pretty pitiful but I'll be sewing from my stash for the next couple of months - I'll try to keep track of yardage out.
My kids and I were on a episode of HGTV's Curb Appeal - it was filmed late last year but just aired this weekend. The home of one of my daughter's classmates was redone. It was kind of strange seeing myself and the kids on TV. Man, my eyes look really big - LOL.
What's going on with everyone else? Ready for spring sewing?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

My sweetheart and I spent Valentine's Day on the slopes in West Virginia. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your special one.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Not To Do When Sewing Stripes

When sewing stripes please do not follow my rules.

1. Select fabric - I was eager to sew this fat stripey material because I liked the look and it felt nice too. It is from my stash.
2. Select pattern - I thought a raglan style tee would be simple and a nice basic.
Makes sense right, the wrong starts at the next step.
3. Cut fabric without acknowledgment of stripes- Doh! I totally failed
to recognize that this was a pattern that required a plan i.e. - the stripes need to be continuous from the sleeve and front to back.
4. Cross fingers that it will work - I hoped that is would just fall in place when sewn together. Wrong!
5. Purchase only required amount of fabric - I also only had a yard of fabric so zero room for error and of course I made one. Always buy extra, especially when it only costs $2/yd.
6. Wear it anyway - I plan to wear this shirt regardless of my mistakes. I've never sewn with stripes, plaids, or patterns that require matching. Did I mention I like the feel of the fabric so it's a keeper even if it's a stripey mess. I didn't have the heart to show you any side shots but I will when it is totally done.

It still needs a neckband (pattern calls for narrow hem - I prefer a neck band) and a sleeve and waist hem. I just had to share my foolishness. Oh yeah, this is the first knit tee that I've tried that is not oversized. I typically cut a 8 or 10 but the 12 fits me snugly. The pattern is OOP B5104.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

FAIL - McCall's 5271

Here's the first FAIL of 2010 - McCall's 5271 and also a fabric from the bin.

Cowl Neck Top M5271
The cowl hangs super low which is okay because this can be remedied with a tank underneath. But something else is wrong, there is just too much fabric that causes tons of ripples and waves down the front. The fit in the shoulders is also off causing the shoulders to hang incorrectly and slide off when I move a lot. It does not look that bad on my dressform but on me --Ehhh!
What I do like about this pattern is the fit in the back. I usually have issues with the back being to large or droopy. I also like the way the front and back are sewn together to hold the cowl in place. The top still needs the band at the hip (View F) and hemming at the sleeves. I will try to salvage this garment but not now. I'll pack it up and move on.
I'm eating ice cream and apple crisp right now. I know it is 10 pm but I skipped dinner - LOL.