Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Not To Do When Sewing Stripes

When sewing stripes please do not follow my rules.

1. Select fabric - I was eager to sew this fat stripey material because I liked the look and it felt nice too. It is from my stash.
2. Select pattern - I thought a raglan style tee would be simple and a nice basic.
Makes sense right, the wrong starts at the next step.
3. Cut fabric without acknowledgment of stripes- Doh! I totally failed
to recognize that this was a pattern that required a plan i.e. - the stripes need to be continuous from the sleeve and front to back.
4. Cross fingers that it will work - I hoped that is would just fall in place when sewn together. Wrong!
5. Purchase only required amount of fabric - I also only had a yard of fabric so zero room for error and of course I made one. Always buy extra, especially when it only costs $2/yd.
6. Wear it anyway - I plan to wear this shirt regardless of my mistakes. I've never sewn with stripes, plaids, or patterns that require matching. Did I mention I like the feel of the fabric so it's a keeper even if it's a stripey mess. I didn't have the heart to show you any side shots but I will when it is totally done.

It still needs a neckband (pattern calls for narrow hem - I prefer a neck band) and a sleeve and waist hem. I just had to share my foolishness. Oh yeah, this is the first knit tee that I've tried that is not oversized. I typically cut a 8 or 10 but the 12 fits me snugly. The pattern is OOP B5104.


Antoinette said...

Yeah, I'd say wear it anyway! I tend to get really excited about a stripe or plaid fabric, then remember how much work I'll put into matching, and end up picking a solid color fabric. Heehee.

Susan said...

i'd wear it anyway, i love the green and white stripe.