Thursday, February 4, 2010

FAIL - McCall's 5271

Here's the first FAIL of 2010 - McCall's 5271 and also a fabric from the bin.

Cowl Neck Top M5271
The cowl hangs super low which is okay because this can be remedied with a tank underneath. But something else is wrong, there is just too much fabric that causes tons of ripples and waves down the front. The fit in the shoulders is also off causing the shoulders to hang incorrectly and slide off when I move a lot. It does not look that bad on my dressform but on me --Ehhh!
What I do like about this pattern is the fit in the back. I usually have issues with the back being to large or droopy. I also like the way the front and back are sewn together to hold the cowl in place. The top still needs the band at the hip (View F) and hemming at the sleeves. I will try to salvage this garment but not now. I'll pack it up and move on.
I'm eating ice cream and apple crisp right now. I know it is 10 pm but I skipped dinner - LOL.

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Antoinette said...

Mmmmm... ice cream and apple crisp for dinner... re: the top, is there a chance that a smaller size would work for you? It's a pretty top, no doubt. Some time away and distance might help a lot.