Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Back, Well Not Really

I got back from the mountains of West Virginia on Wednesday night all ready to get my skirt done. I worked on it for a little while on Thursday since my little guy goes to preschool this day. I got up this morning at 6 am to knock it out and guess what I find in my sewing area - water, water, everywhere. Yep, my area in the basement flooded. So I moved stuff around and this afternoon my hubby will bring a shop-vac from his office to clean up the water. My sewing area is in disarray and I'm not very happy. Looks like I will not finish my garment this month. Blimey! I may have to set up a whole new area which could takes weeks. Arrggghhh!So I am back but not back to sewing anytime soon.

On a happy note we did have a good time in WV snowboarding and skiing. Here are some pics of the trip.

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Ciao Bella! said...

I am truly surprised! Who knew you were the snowboarding type. Good for you!! Glad you guys had fun!