Monday, November 2, 2009

Made IT! Monday - 11/2/09

As you know Halloween was the past weekend and of course I had to make a costume. My daughter wanted to be a fairy and my son kept changing his mind, so I made my daughter's costume and my son wore Batman PJ's. I didn't make the wings but bought them from the dollar store and embellished them. I know they don't match and they are gaudy but hey I was being cheap! I did have to go to the fabric store to buy material for her costume but since I sewed it up I am still true to my One Bin Fabric Challenge. I have some things cut out that will be sewn soon.
Her birthday is the day after Halloween so she is too excited. We typically celebrate the week after so she can be the star! Her party is this weekend so not much sewing going on but after that - it's on!

Here's my little fairy enjoying Halloween.




Antoinette said...

The costume is fantastic! She looks so happy and... fairy-like. ;) I bet she will enjoy this outfit until she outgrows it.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

Adorable. Girl, I hate when I spend a bunch of money and they never wear it again after that. You did the perfect thing! Happy Bday Baby!