Thursday, November 19, 2009

CRASH & Crochet Ruffle Scarf

I was put out of blogging commission for a little while due to our hard drive crashing. I know - BAD! The good news is we have mostly everything backed up on an external drive. Right now, the IT department aka My Hubby is getting everything up and running. He's transferring data, loading software, and defragmenting drives. Whew - I didn't know so much was involved when your system goes down. We appreciate the IT department and so happy we didn't lose everything.
On to the fun stuff! A few months ago Gold showcased a cute crocheted ruffle scarf and I knew I had to make one. Here's mine.
Belle Scarf

Belle Scarf

I really like this scarf. You can download the pattern for free from the LB website. It is called the Belle Scarf. I had this skein of homespun for a few years and finally used it. Very easy and quick pattern. I wore it today and people wanted to touch it because it looked so soft. Yikes --with all the germs out there you hate to have folks touching your personal effects. Enjoy your weekend.

Disclaimer - The photos may be a little off - just realized that my photo editing software is missing. I'm not sure what device it came with. I also have crazy shadows dancing across my face. Oh well! I'm off to sew.


Antoinette said...

Great scarf! Looks very versatile. I do a bit of crochet (shhhh, our secret) and will have to check this one out. Thanks for the link.

Gorgeous Things said...

Very pretty scarf!

Christina said...

That is an awesome scarf!