Friday, April 17, 2009

New Additions to My Sewing Library

My sewing library is pretty sparse so I was super excited when I actually got a hit while doing a search on Craigslist for sewing books. I've tried before and got nothing. Look what I found... and the seller just wanted $20 for all 4.

We talked briefly because of course I wanted to know why she was getting rid of such great sewing books. She said that she was a terrible seamstress and has really gotten into spinning her own yarn (saving up to purchase a new spinner - I think that's what they are called). She loves to knit and crochet so we will be friends on ravelry, though I have yet to post any of my work. She was really sweet. Yippee, I love books and of course love getting them on the cheap.


Faye Lewis said...

You got a great deal. Enjoy because the information is very valuable.

Elaray said...

Those are great books to have. Lucky you!