Saturday, June 5, 2010

Silent but Busy

What is going on in your world? I've been pretty silent over here but busy none the less. School is out and that means kids 24/7. Since they are pretty young we don't do a lot of camps - maybe one or 2 weeks otherwise it is Camp Mama. I've been doing some refashion style sewing and crafting. I usually document that stuff at my other blog and save the pattern sewing for this one. I won't give a ton of detail but just show some pics of some of the stuff I've made recently.

Apron for one of my son's friend

Barrettes for one of my daughter's friends

Skirt made from old T-shirts in DD's school colors for the last day of Kindergarten inspired by mini Boden

FAILED attempt at making a tank to go with skirt that turned into muscle shirt for son

Fabric bracelet - part of the gift given to DD friend (see barrettes)

I'll be making a lot more kid's stuff. I am on a mission to make handmade gifts for the million and one kid's birthday parties we attend. If you have young kids you know what I'm talking about. See my other blog for more details on where to find the tutorials for the apron, barrettes, tank top and fabric bracelet.

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