Monday, March 16, 2009

Hand Sewing

I am half way done with hand sewing the hem of my skirt. The directions instruct you to do this and I was not feeling it until I emailed Erica B. (she made this skirt awhile ago in a different view). She was kind enough to respond and yep she hemmed her skirt by hand. That is not what I wanted to hear since I have never hand sewn a hem or done any hand sewing for that matter. So I start researching hand sewing. I used sewing books, magazines, and on-line resources. I like a hand sewing video series on Very clear and easy to follow. Check it out if you are new to hand sewing like me. I have listed the link to the intro but you should be able to see all the featured stitches.

Should be done tomorrow.

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Faye Lewis said...

Can't wait to see your skirt.